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The Untouchables of Elliot Mouse is a 26 half-hour television animated series that parodies the violent atmosphere of Chicago during the Dry Law, as well as the old American films, their heroes and villains. The main characters in this series are four friendly mice, Elliot, Gordon, Mr. Wilson, and Jack the Irishman, although there are also some cats and dogs.

The citizens of Cheesecago are defenceless against Al Catone's mobsters until a few brave federal agents headed by Elliot Mouse dare take on the gangsters. In spite of their rivalry and continuous fights, they control gambling, shows, races and every business in town. They charge poor people and terrified traders with high taxes; they rob, kidnap, and do all kind of misdeeds.

Their most important activity is confiscating cheese to then deal with it illegally so that it fetches very high prices, often causing Cheesecago citizens to get ripped off. Only a few brave agents of the law, led by an intelligent mouse, try to face them and stop their misdeeds. They are the Untouchables of Elliot Mouse.

The first 9 episodes were released on DVD in the UK.

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