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The Milwaukee crime family is an American Mafia crime family based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.[1] The crime family was considered a branch of the Chicago Outfit. The family's most influential boss was Frank "Mr. Big" Balistrieri, who was greatly involved in the Las Vegas skimming casinos.[2] Today, the crime family is nearly extinct, since Balistrieri died in 1993, with the Chicago Outfit gaining the control over the illegal rackets in the area.[3]

Historical leadershipEdit

  • 1918-1921 - Vito Guardalabene - died on February 6, 1921 from natural causes[3]
  • 1921-1927 - Peter Guardalabene - the son of Vito Guardalabene was boss until 1927[3]
  • 1927- Joseph Amato - died of natural causes on March 28, 1927[3]
  • 1927-1949 - Joseph Vallone - the Commission decided that the Milwaukee family would answer to and remain under the Chicago Outfit's power. Vallone retired in 1949 and died on March 18, 1952 from natural causes.[3]
  • 1949-1952 - Sam Ferrara - in 1952 he was voted out by his family and members of the Chicago Outfit forced him to step down.[3]
  • 1952-1961 - John Alioto - trained his son-in-law Frank Balistrieri[3]
  • 1961-1993 - Frank "Mr. Big" Balistrieri imprisoned March 1967-June 1971. In the late 1970s, with his two sons Joseph and John worked with Bonanno crime family capo Michael Sabella. He was imprisoned from 1983-1991 for his involvement in Las Vegas skim racket. He died of natural causes on February 7, 1993.[3]
    • Acting 1967-1971 - Peter Balistrieri - Frank Balistrieri's brother and Underboss
    • Acting 1983-1993 - Peter Balistrieri - Frank Balistrieri's brother and Underboss, he became boss in 1993[3]
  • 1993-1997 - Peter Frank Balistrieri - he died of natural causes on August 17, 1997 [3]
  • 1997–present - Joseph P. Caminiti [3] - he was Frank Balistrieri's Consigliere


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