Anthony Rotondo (born 1957) is a former capo in the DeCavalcante family of New Jersey and police informant.[1]

Early life Edit

Anthony Rotondo lived with his father Vincent "Jimmy the Gent" Rotondo,[1] and his father expressed wishes for his son to become a lawyer. Rotondo graduated from the Nazareth High School, and earned a business degree from St. Francis College in Brooklyn, New York.[citation needed]

Life in the Mafia Edit

The elder Rotondo was the underboss of the DeCavalcante crime family until 1988 when he was found in his car shot dead with a bottle of fish in his lap. Rotondo admitted to having played a part in three murders, that of Fred Weiss, Fat Louis LaRusso, and Joey Garafano. Fred Weiss was killed because he was an anti crime crusader and the family wanted to be put back on the map by John Gotti, Fat Louis LaRasso was killed because John D'Amato (acting boss at the time) was afraid Larusso would try to pull of a coup, and mob associate Joey Garafano was killed because when he was assigned to drive a "crash car" during the murder of Fred Weiss (a car that was supposed to crash into any police cars coming to the scene) he stole the license plates for the car from another mobsters' wife and was immediately questioned as a suspect in the murder.[1]

Time as an informant Edit

Rotondo turned informant and testified in a federal racketeering trial that began in February 2003, about the homicides of Fred Weiss, Louis LaRusso, and Joseph Garafano.[1]

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